Who are Trendsetter London?


It all starts with one. One decision maker to make a decision of a lifetime. A decision to stand out. A decision to be unique. A decision to rise above all odds and be the first of many. A decision to be a Trendsetter.

At Trendsetter London, we take pride in our customers and their loyalty to us. We invite you to be a part of a family, a community, with likeminded and motivated individuals with a passion for fashion. Being a Trendsetter means being the first to do something, someone that leads the way in fashion and/or ideas, someone that sets the blueprint for the rest to follow. At Trendsetter London, we believe that being a Trendsetter is the only way to be, it’s a character trait. Being a Trendsetter demonstrates a sense of courage and individuality within a person. As simple as it sounds, it takes a lot to step out of the norm and do the uncommon. To even consider thinking like a trendsetter, one must be able to silence the outside noise of others, and power through until they inspire change. We believe it’s important not to follow he crowd, and instead you should embrace your position as a leader and do things in your way. Many people will attempt to imitate your actions, and this is your sign that you are now a Trendsetter. 

As briefly mentioned earlier, we’ve made a commitment to the Trendsetter London community to always provide to the best of our ability. From our products, customer service, all the way down to customer experience. You may have noticed that the majority of our products are limited. Meaning that if you miss out, there aren’t any restocks. You know the saying already, “The early bird gets to worm”. You need to be that early bird, or you will miss out. We do this because it’s part of the concept of being a trendsetter, being first!

Oops! Almost forgot to tell you! There will be some Trendsetter London Essentials that will be available for purchase on the website 24/7. Join the family today!

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